Rashguard BULL 2.0 SUB-SKIN tech.

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Rashguard, compression t-shirt No Excuses, ideal for MMA training, CrossFit and gyms!

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rashguard shortsleeve

- SUB-SKIN version - light, incredibly strong fabric, feels like a second skin!

- Mega quality at a great price!

- Thermoactive, breathable, quick-drying (DRY.EXPERT) and flexible material (92% polyester, 8% elastane)

- Reinforced, flat and flexible seams, non-irritating to the skin - so there is no discomfort during exercises

- Proper body temperature maintenance system, ensuring dryness during warm weather and thermal comfort at low temperatures. The moisture is drained off.

- Compression material, muscle relieving and making blood flow easier, so your muscles can work longer and more efficiently and remain warmed up throughout the workout

- Prevents chafing and irritation the skin, helps to maintain hygiene

- Prints made with sublimation technique - indelible and permanent

- Anatomically fit

- Manufactured to meet the needs of people practicing sports professionally

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